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Rooted to Our Experience

It is the time of roots right now. As Autumn burrows deeper towards winter, we find the world around us slowing down. There is a shift from the outer experiences of summer to the inner quieter time of winter. Plants drop leaves and flowers and focus their energy down into their roots, an important time of foundation building for the explosion of growth that comes with the spring. Some find it hard to go within, to find that space of quiet within themselves. But going within is just like the plants sending energy to their roots- it is a time to rebuild, nourish, and re-“root” ourselves to this Earth journey. Now is a time to work on our root chakra (energetically located near the base of the

Sweet Syrup that Saves

It is that time of year again when sniffles and coughs can turn into nasty colds and the dreaded flu. But there is a sweet syrup that goes down “easy like Sunday morning” and helps beat those viruses that want to bring you down. Elderberries!! Ever since I made my first batch of elderberry syrup over 20 years ago during my Herbalist Certification course, I’ve been in love! These berries are packed with so much nutrition and they love helping our immune systems. In folk medicine, these were called “winter berries” because they knew how powerful they were at keeping people well during the winter months. Elderberry syrup is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C and immune supporting minerals. Sci



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