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Just Howling at the Moon

I’m ready to put 2017 to bed. It was a year defined by drastic images and intense experiences. A year when Mother Earth spoke loudly (don’t think she’s done) and others found their voice (keep speaking up!). Changes are definitely afoot, think “shaking the foundation” changes. I had a client today and as I worked on her, I felt an overwhelming sense of hope. I resonated with that hope, rejoiced with that hope and decided right then that HOPE would color this new year for myself. Just like sea creatures who create their own light in the depth of dark waters, I am creating my own light through the feeling of hope. 2018 starts with a Super Moon, and not just any Super moon (moon is full on same

My Friend Grief

I felt the need to write, even though I wasn’t sure the shape or form it would take. But as soon as I started typing, I knew it was about loss (maybe that’s why I put it off for a bit). Loss isn't the merriest of subjects this time of year, but yet it defines so much of the holidays for people who are experiencing it. I find myself crying at odd times, a heaviness surrounding my heart like a clenched fist. The waves of grief can be gentle and silent or stormy and loud. Sometimes an emptiness follows that feels like a reprieve from the weight of my grief, but slowly it resurfaces to let me know it is still there. I don’t think of grief as a negative thing (maybe when it hits on the way to wor



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