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Rooted to Our Experience

It is the time of roots right now. As Autumn burrows deeper towards winter, we find the world around us slowing down. There is a shift from the outer experiences of summer to the inner quieter time of winter. Plants drop leaves and flowers and focus their energy down into their roots, an important time of foundation building for the explosion of growth that comes with the spring.

Some find it hard to go within, to find that space of quiet within themselves. But going within is just like the plants sending energy to their roots- it is a time to rebuild, nourish, and re-“root” ourselves to this Earth journey. Now is a time to work on our root chakra (energetically located near the base of the spine or sacrum). The root chakra is the seat of our connection to Mother Earth and keeping it open and flowing is vital to our sense of security and stability in life. The root chakra is our foundation. It resonates on the color spectrum with a deep red color and using that in visualization and meditation on the root chakra helps to open and balance it.

In my work with intuitive energy healing, I have had several beautiful experiences working with newborns as well as with clients in their transition time from this Earth plane. The root chakra plays a crucial role in both of these experiences. I have found that newborns’ crown chakra (located at the top of the head) is usually wide and very open and vibrant while their root is compromised and not fully open and flowing. Which makes sense when you think about these brand new little beings trying to “root” themselves to the physical plane they have just become a part of. I have found that clients who are in transition from this Earth plane have similar looking/feeling energetic patterns with the crown chakra very open and the root compromised or even “still”. Even though they have not crossed over yet, they start to withdraw their energy from the Earth plane in preparation, pulling their roots up from this physical journey.

Subtle aromatherapy works on a vibrational level to help break up congested energy and get it flowing. Some wonderful essential oils to work with during this time of roots is tree oils (surprise, surprise) such as cypress and cedar wood. Tree oils are very grounding and have an affinity for Mother Earth.

Sandalwood is another oil I love to use for grounding and there is a sacredness to it. I find myself reaching for it when I am quiet and pensive, in a “I don’t know quite how I’m feeling” mood. Vetiver is a naturally calming oil and the smell is rich. On a subtle energy level it grounds and promotes strength. It takes a whole year for the grass to grow before it can be harvested for its roots and takes over 24 hours to distill producing a golden orange to dark brown viscous oil. A blend I use often and one that invokes a sense of nature and being in the forest is Sacred Mountain ( It is lovely to diffuse and use as a daily scent to wear.

***To use essential oils on the subtle level I would diffuse several drops (amount depends on size of diffuser) or dilute the oil 1:1 with a carrier oil such as olive oil or sweet almond oil and rub in a clockwise direction over chakra point.

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