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Just Howling at the Moon

I’m ready to put 2017 to bed. It was a year defined by drastic images and intense experiences. A year when Mother Earth spoke loudly (don’t think she’s done) and others found their voice (keep speaking up!). Changes are definitely afoot, think “shaking the foundation” changes.

I had a client today and as I worked on her, I felt an overwhelming sense of hope. I resonated with that hope, rejoiced with that hope and decided right then that HOPE would color this new year for myself. Just like sea creatures who create their own light in the depth of dark waters, I am creating my own light through the feeling of hope.

2018 starts with a Super Moon, and not just any Super moon (moon is full on same day it reaches the point in its orbit when it is closest to Earth)...the largest full moon of 2018! It’s a wolf moon, the first full moon of the new year when we used to acknowledge the hungry pack ready for the reset of spring (go on and howl). Not only that, January ends with another Super moon (Super Blue Moon) on the 31st! Wow! When you think about those events energetically, you want to use a whole lot of exclamation points! This full moon in Cancer is about closing the door on what needs closure and opening the door to the prosperous projects before you. It is about making courageous decisions to move forward in the potential that has been built up.

The frequencies emanated from the moon affect the frequencies of our body, just like it does the major bodies of water on our planet. We are roughly 75% water, the moon affects our tides just as it does the oceans. It is a powerful time to set intentions for the next moon cycle and this first full moon is an incredible time to set intentions for the new year. Be careful with your words, this is energy of transparency, of being authentic to yourself and others. Can you follow through with what you say? Are you treating others with kindness? What affect are you having on the world around you?

Let’s help this planet heal this year and help ourselves heal in the process.

I wish everyone an amazing 2018 filled with health, prosperity and abundance of all things good!!!

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