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Let it Grow

Spring is just 2 days away and I can already feel the shift. There is something about the transition seasons of spring and autumn that get my spirit antsy. If autumn is the time of going within, spring is the time of coming out, of being reborn so to speak and after the hibernation of winter, it feels good!

I got outside yesterday and played in the dirt, planting some cool weather crops in my garden beds. You know you are a true garden lover when you feel childishly giddy at the sight of big squishy worms. The sun warmed my face and my heart did a happy dance as I smelled spring. As I held each seed, lightly pressing them into the Earth, I thought about how spring is the season of seeds.

What seeds am I planting right now energetically? That has been on my mind the last several days. I feel like I did a whole lotta thinking these past few months and now my spirit is not just asking me, but demanding to know what I’m going to do with those winter insights. Where am I going to direct that powerful potential? What seeds will I plant for myself? Some of it can’t even be put into words, but I am realizing more and more that I don’t have to name it, I can just feel it. I realized that the seed of potential I am planting for myself is not about becoming something “more” or “else,” it is about unbecoming. It is about releasing what is no longer “me", so I can become “me” more fully! I came across a beautiful quote that speaks to the seed I am planting for myself.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.

Maybe it’s unbecoming everything that isn’t you so you can

be who you were meant to be in the first place.” (

Spring is a shaking off, stripping down, letting it go, opening it up, stretching the wings sort of time. So I challenge you to think about what seeds you are planting right now, because now is the time.

Take a moment and focus on your sacral chakra (located just below the navel and resonates with a beautiful warm orange color). This chakra is the seat of our creative energy and pleasure. This is where the womb resides, where life begins. Imagine a seed there and visualize this seed breaking open.....what sprouts?

Keep that image with you and water it with positive thoughts, you will be amazed at what grows. Since this is the season of seeds, you can use essential oils like carrot seed, coriander (one of my favorites), cardamom, angelica seed, juniper berry or nutmeg along with your meditation. Simply taking a couple sniffs from the bottle can enhance your visualization or drop a drop in your hands, rub them together and then inhale from your palms.

Energetic Spring Cleaning

Light a white sage smudge stick and gently feather the

smoke over your body from top to bottom. Then move throughout your whole house as you feather the smoke around the walls (especially in corners) while stating the intention that you are releasing any stagnate energy, any energy that does not serve you and your family’s highest good. Open windows (or fan in bathroom) to release the smoke along with the stagnate energy out to Mother Earth to be rejuvenated. Then ask the Universe to fill your house with clarity, hope, health and love.