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The Sacred Patterns of Life

Did you know the Chambered Nautilus has survived in Earth’s oceans for 500 million years? It existed before fish or even dinosaurs! What is so beautiful about this mollusk is that the shell is subdivided into many chambers in a perfect spiral. Even more beautiful and mysterious to me is that as the shell grows, each new chamber grows larger by phi (remember learning about the Golden Mean in math? Maybe? Dig deep). Life as we know it it is interwoven with geometric forms. Just take the spiral- tornados, hurricanes, snails, tails, shells, ferns, seedlings-all the way to the cosmos of galaxies. Sacred geometry tries to explain the patterns we see between the natural physical world and the energetic influence that creates all things. It explores creation and how the microcosm of our Earth is reflected in the macrocosm of the Universe!

Geometry, ratios, and harmonics are the patterns to music, nature, light and the cosmos. Once you start recognizing the patterns, you can begin to use sacred geometry to expand your own energetic field. There is a reason why thousands trek to the pyramids in Egypt to hold sacred ceremonies inside- the pyramid shape itself amplifies and then directs energy into a powerful point. Prisms and crystals do the same thing. There is an expansion and contraction within these powerful shapes and patterns, an inhalation and exhalation, a going within and a coming out, birth and death, even seasonal shifts of growth and decay that then feeds the growth!

I hiked through a sea of wildflowers the other day in the canyon and was struck by the absolute perfectness of each flower. Some contained 3 different colors and petal shapes overlaid each other, a harmony of nature so profound that I felt it in my heart. Sometimes I witness the Universe in these simple forms and experiences. Then I realize that awakening doesn’t have to be profound and big, more often it is quiet and slips in unnoticed at first, a whisper that can be missed if you are not in the present moment. The more I have come to recognize the sacred shapes around me, the more I’ve become aware of the power pulsing below the surface of EVERYTHING! It shifts you into the flow of the NOW, where all our power resides and you start to discover how wonderful it feels to float down the river instead of fighting the current up.

If you would like to explore this concept of sacred geometry more, check out the Sacred Spiral Women’s Retreat happening in October 12-15,2018 in Estes Park, Colorado. Just click on the home page.

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