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Good Day Sunshine

There is a crystal that resonates with the sun and brings the positive energy of a beautiful summer day with it! One of my favorite crystals to work with is citrine, from its varying degrees of bright yellow to burnished amber to creamy white, this crystal's energy is one you want to connect with!

Citrine to me is a stone of activation. It helps breathe new life into stagnant areas. No wonder it teaches us how to manifest and attract abundance and prosperity! This stone doesn't just benefit us with manifestation though, it is a regenerator thanks to its connection with the sun and can help cleanse spaces and even cleanse other stones! (The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall). It helps absorb, transmute and ground negative energies to allow light to fill those spaces.

This beautiful crystal resonates with the sacral chakra (Svadhistana) which governs our emotions, creativity and sensuality. It also resonates with the solar plexus chakra (manipura) which governs our personal power, mental activity and self-esteem. I have found in my work as a healer that many people hold patterns of energy in these chakras that block the life force energy flow though us. Citrine can be used in meditation, holding a piece on these chakras to allow the beautiful energy to permeate our energetic fields. You can also infuse oils with chips of citrine, letting the oils absorb the beneficial energy and then rub the oil over the chakra points.

A simple crystal grid I use in my healing space for prosperity and abundance uses citrine and clear quartz points. You want to cleanse your crystals (can place in a dry salt bowl for several hours) and charge them (place them in sunlight or moonlight for several hours) before you begin. Place a large citrine (larger than the quartz points you are using) in the center with 6 smaller clear quartz points evenly spaced around it. The number 6 heightens intention of abundance (Crystals for Healing by Karen Frazier). The citrine holds the energy of abundance and prosperity while the clear quartz points act as amplifiers. Place the quartz points with tips facing out, as you want to pull the citrine's power into your space. Then set your intention and speak it to the crystals while you trace with your finger from each quartz point in a circle around the citrine and then trace from the citrine to each quartz point (like spokes on a wheel).

I think it is important to acknowledge your grid everyday and thank it for holding your intention and bringing the abundance and prosperity to you! If you have never worked with crystals before or just beginning to, citrine is a wonderful stone to start with!

I use crystals in my healing practice and if you would love to experience a sacred energy healing session with crystals, I would be honored to hold the space for you! You can contact me through my website


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