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I'm Sorry

I came across an article the other day that intrigued me, it was about why saying "sorry" is so hard for us. Of course speaking that word comes easy for simple mistakes like accidentally bumping into someone or mispronouncing someone's name, even spilling out before we realize we've said it. But when the "sorry" is attached to something that speaks to our character, our self-worth, it's not so easy to get it out. It becomes an admission of faults and in that admission, we have to own those faults. Talk about a hit to our self-esteem and for those whose self-esteem is tenuous and fragile, "sorry" becomes a word that can break us apart. That's why people who feel badly about themselves won't say it. They walk a tightrope of such self-doubt that one misstep can shatter them. These are the people who put so much energy into the false advertisement of how right and perfect they are, but inside they feel small and worthless.

But there is a beautiful energetic component to saying we are sorry. We move past the Ego connection to those perceived faults, not only holding a space of compassion for the person we hurt, but allowing ourselves in that moment to know we are more than any negative whisperings we might tell ourselves or allow ourselves to believe from others. In that humbled moment, that becomes the beginning of changing those beliefs.

A heartfelt "sorry" can instantaneously change the vibration between two people. Not only do you rise above your own pain, you give the other person a chance to forgive, another high vibration energy. Then that moment becomes incredibly powerful! A moment that seems so simple holds the opportunity for immense light!

But I've come to learn it really is about the simple moments in life. Those "small" moments hold so much potential. Just like how little "sorry" can seem but how frustrating and big it can feel to not hear it from someone who has hurt us. How we handle the collection of moments in our life tells our story. Are we willing to step out of our comfort zone, the zone the Ego has us believe we are safe in? Are we willing to acknowledge our pain in order to let the light shine? Because that is what saying "I'm sorry" is about, it's about saying "I am in pain and I acted from this place of pain but I know I am more than this and so I choose more, I choose light."

Then we discover that saying that word, does not diminish us or break us apart as the Ego tells us, it frees us.

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