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Check out upcoming workshops to enlighten, heal and enjoy the spirit of community!

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Explore the body's meridian systems through Energy Medicine Yoga, Yin Yoga, Breath, Meditation and More!

  EMYoga Classes at Grace Yoga in Loveland

Thursdays 5-6pm

The perfect marriage of yoga and energy medicine. Intentional poses and movements are used to stimulate certain energetic meridians, balance chakras, clear congested energy and fill the body with vitality.


Healing Sundays

Every Sunday at 2pm (MST) I hold energetic healing space for all! Join in meditation from the heart from wherever you are for as long as you can! Energy knows no limits in space or time and all benefit!

Get up and Dance!

Dancing lifts the spirit and lets the soul shine through! 

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My Holistic Services

Intuitive Energy Healing Therapist, Certified Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Angel Card Reader


Intuitive Energy Healing

Energetic Body Work

I am trained in a variety of energy healing modalities including: Healing Touch Professional Practitioner, Chakra Balancing, Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner, Extradimensional Healing and Crystal Healing Therapy. I use light and near body touch over specific energetic meridians to open, clear and balance the bio-magnetic field of the body. As a healer, I hold a sacred container for the client to release what no longer serves their highest good and find clarity and peace of mind. Energy healing can relieve pain, decrease anxiety, support the immune system and so much more!


An hour session is $70 without crystals and $80 with crystals or Biomat https://www.biomat.com/faq/the-basics/

I also offer a 3 pack for $180.


Aromatherapy Consultation

Plant Medicine

Essential oils are potent distillations of medicinal plants that affect the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of our bodies. Let me help you develop your own relationship to these beautiful oils and discover what plant medicine can do for you!

Consultation is $65 plus cost of aromatic products

$40 for a 30 minute follow-up.


Intuitive Card Reading


Need more clarity on a specific issue in your life? Want to know where you are headed? Experience a sacred intuitive angel card reading and tap into your own divine wisdom. See what the cards have to say about your journey! 45 minute card reading is $55 or 60 minute card reading for $65.


Raindrop Technique

Balance and Transform

 Raindrop Technique involves applying pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to the feet and spine with specific massage techniques. Raindrop can balance and re-align the Energy centers of the body, reduce stress and anxiety, ease muscle discomfort and support a healthy immune system. Come feel rejuvenated and refreshed today! $80 for a session. 

New! Now offering Vitaflex Foot Treatments with essential oils. Only $40 for 30 minutes. Perfect for quick immune boosts, balancing and grounding.


“The struggle ends when gratitude begins."

Neale Donald Walsh



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