Loveland, CO, USA

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Soul Kitchen Workshop

Herbal Tincture Make and Take
Learn and Make as a Healing Community
Choose one, two or three tinctures to fill up your own home medicinal cabinet!


Meghan Beecher

Meghan is a Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Herbalist, Intuitive Energy Healing Therapist and Certified Angel Card Reader. She lives in Loveland with her husband and 4 boys. She became an herbalist over 20 years ago and has gone deeper into holistic wellness ever since.

Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Certified Rossiter Coach and owns Grace Yoga in Loveland, CO. She lives in the foothills with her husband and daughter and helps people find the alignment within.


Herbal Tincture Making Class

Language of Light Healing's Soul Kitchen is coming to Grace Yoga! Join Meghan Beecher as she guides you through making your own medicinal tinctures. 

Immune Boost Tincture- a great tincture to start this time of year to help support your body through the winter months.

Body Detox Tincture- help cleanse the organs that do all the cleaning! Support your liver, lymph and kidneys with this gentle but powerful tincture.

Anti-inflammatory Tincture- help control inflammation in the body, one of the biggest culprits behind many dis-eases. 

Pick one, two or three tinctures to make. Save your $$$ and make your own! Most tinctures in the store cost $10-15 per ounce!!! Each tincture is $18 (plus Eventbrite fees) to make 8 oz. Everything is provided except for your own 8 oz. glass jar and lid that you will need to provide for each tincture. Learn about the herbs, their influence on the physical body and correct dosage as you create in a healing and fun atmosphere. It is always way more enjoyable to make together!! Please indicate what tincture you want to make when you sign up.

Note: If you would like to avoid Eventbrite fees you can pay through PayPal using friends and family and paying with your bank account or getting me a check or cash by October 10th so I know the amount of supplies I need. Contact me at 970-402-6753 or makepeacelove1@gmail.com to arrange any of those payments. Namaste


Upcoming Classes

City of Loveland


Essentials of Skincare

Chilson Recreation Center September 23rd 6-7pm

Plants hold the key to revealing your skin's beauty. Learn how to incorporate oils into your routine to help increase micro-circulation, balance moisture levels and create an overall healthy glow. Join the Soul Kitchen's Meghan Beecher as you create your own nourishing facial oil. $15 to sign up with $3 due to instructor at time of class.

Energetics of Essential Oils

Chilson recreation Center October 5th 10-11am

Essential Oils can impact us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Learn the connection between energetics and chemistry of oils and how they can affect chakras and energetic bodies. Create a body and air mister to take home!


I provide holistic wellness in an individualized, heart-centered and compassionate way. Call me today to find out about my unique approach and to book a visit.