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Meghan Beecher

Meghan is an Intuitive Energy Healing Therapist, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Herbalist, Certified Angel Card Reader, 200 hr. Certified Yoga Teacher and  Certified Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher. She lives in Loveland with her husband and 4 boys. She became an herbalist over 20 years ago and has gone deeper into holistic wellness ever since.

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Workshops and Classes: News & Updates

Journey through the Chakras

Coming in February!

Walk a path through our living energetic centers in our body. Each week we will explore one of the main chakras through yoga, breath and energy exercises. Learn how to "read" each chakra and discover what these powerful spinning wheels of energy have to say to you. Sign up for all classes and get a free customized essential oil roller!

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm

Grace Yoga

Loveland, CO

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Workshops and Classes: Services
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Goddess Tarot

Exploring the Major Arcana through the Lens of the Divine Feminine

Walk the Fool's journey through the 22 major arcana of Tarot with empowering Goddess symbology, archetypes, chakras, crystals, and elements. Develop your own beautiful connection to the Goddess within. Experience meditations, journal prompts, and engaging exercises to open your heart to the spiritual awakening of your own beautiful connection to the blessed Mother Creator. Perfect for teens and adults. In this 11 week program you will learn the history and energy of 22 Goddesses and how their powerful presence can be integrated into your own personal journey through mindfulness and meditation.

Coming soon!


Yoga Journey through the 5 Elements

of Chinese Medicine

Do you know what your major element is? The elements shape how we walk through this world and each of us have a unique mix.

Come join me for a 5 week series where we will dive deep into one element each week using Energy Medicine Yoga, breath and meditation. We start the series discovering the specific elements that shape each of us and then flow into how our practice can balance and center the different aspects of each element.

I provide holistic wellness in an individualized, heart-centered and compassionate way. Call me today to find out about my unique approach and to book a visit.

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