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The Fear That Consumes

"Everything in life is vibration."

-Albert Einstein

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say my email has been inundated with coronavirus news. From Walgreens to Petco to the local movie theatre to my kids' school, everyone is trying to placate our fears and reassure they are doing best practice to keep us safe. It is easy to get caught up in the panic and fear of this pandemic and I'll admit, I am a little addicted to reading the updated information (okay maybe more than a little addicted), especially since I am the sole caretaker for my mom who is currently in chemotherapy treatment. But I think there are some important elements to keep in mind. Really the MOST important element is personal responsibility and I speak to this personal responsibility on many levels.

The Universal law states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates, EVERYTHING! Everything you see, including yourself is vibrating at one frequency or another. Not only that, emotions carry vibrational frequency and thoughts carry vibrational frequency. Hear this....."if you feel love or affection for another person, your heartbeat will appear like magic in the brainwaves of that other person!"(The Heart of the Emotion Code by Ric Thompson and Dr. Bradely Nelson)

I remember coming across a quote by Abraham-Hicks years ago that talked about manifesting what you want requires tuning into the frequency of what you want and it goes the other way too. You can't hear what's on 102.2 by tuning your radio to 99.9. We are constantly "tuning" into different frequencies throughout our day and some frequencies we "tune" into more often than others. In some ways, you can find yourself "tuned" into the flu or a cold or even cancer. You know those people who most definitely have been exposed to the same environment as you but some how you end up with the flu and they don't. They aren't a vibrational match to it. How are you treating your body? What thoughts do you linger on? Are you consumed by anger or sadness or jealousy or blame?

This is where personal responsibility comes into play. This new coronavirus is definitely bringing us back to our bodies. I feel a wave of returning to what I consider "root medicine", coming back to our roots. I became a certified herbalist over 20 years ago and am thankful I discovered that in my 20's and have been able to treat my children with Earth medicine. This is a time of taking responsibility for your body and how you treat this most amazing physical vehicle we occupy, but not just physically, this is about the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel. Keep washing those hands too!

So I think this is a time to take back our power. It definitely starts with how we take care of ourselves physically and I will share some natural Earth medicine options but it is also about not getting consumed by the fear because then you are "tuning" into the virus. I think being cautious is important and that means the personal responsibility we have for social distancing during this time and thinking twice about traveling unnecessarily. We are all part of humanity.

I picked one of Alana Fairchild's Earth Warriors cards the other day and it was about Hozho, The Beauty Way of the Navajo. It is about balance, order, goodness, health, wholeness and happiness. Jen Wolfe in SouthWest Legends wrote that Hozho "means to be in balance and beauty with the world. It is about health, happiness, long life, wisdom, knowledge, harmony with both the mundane and divine. It means a person continually restoring, finding, and practicing balance in his or her life." Before I share my go-to herbal, oil and homeopathic medicines I want to share what Alana Fairchild had to say about The Beauty Way because I think during times when fear is being fed to us from many directions, it is so very important to remember the larger, beautiful, amazing, loving picture of life. "The Beauty Way reminds you that beneath the noise, beneath your worries and concerns there is oneness between you and life. The Beauty Way isn't about ignoring the realty of the world or becoming superficial, The Beauty Way is a deep spiritual feeling of trust, openness and appreciation of the divine presence shining in all aspects of life."

Blessings to all of you! I hold each one of you in my heart!